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Does Google Care About Responsive Web Design?

No Comments 03 December 2012

It has already been announced by the online community that 2013 will be the year of responsive web design, and in large part this is mostly true. The adoption of responsive as the new de-factor baseline from which to build sites is proof enough. Fur buy cheap clomid thermore, the idea of “adaptive web design” […]

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Google Algorithm Updates: April 2012

No Comments 05 May 2012

April updates to Google’s search quality focused on international & content adjustments, along with the usual General ranking tweaks. Changes to SERP appearance for titles, snippets & sitelinks were adjusted for relevance.  Similar to previous months, low-quality sites were further demoted, this time in relation to ‘freshness’ boosts for recent content. The below breakdown shows which […]

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How the Google Penguin Update Might Actually Benefit Your Site

No Comments 03 May 2012

The fevered cries of “SEO is Dead!” again resounded off the walls of agencies everywhere. Surely this latest Google algorithm update (enigmatically dubbed “Penguin”) would signal the death knell for search marketing, coming on the heels of Matt Cutts’ ill-timed comments about “penalizing over-optimized sites”. I’m here to proclaim there has never been a better […]

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Google Algorithm Updates: March 2012

No Comments 30 April 2012

Google has recently started sharing details on their monthly search algorithm updates. These not only offer a snapshot of minor tweaks affecting client sites but also a longview of the areas where Google is focusing more attention (social integration, site speed, author credibility, etc.). The below updates represent only a small percentage of algorithm changes […]

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How Accurate Are Online Traffic Tools?

1 Comment 13 January 2012

The SEO industry relies on data and measurement to justify its actions, strategy and very existence. Without public data or competitive intelligence, sites run the risk of existing in black box silos with everyone but the Webmaster guessing at possible visitor traffic and pageviews. So we rely on estimation tools, such as Compete, Alexa, Quantcast […]

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Mobile Search

Using Mobile Search to Reach New Consumers

No Comments 03 January 2012

With the rate of smart phone adoption growing every year and consumers frequently consulting their phones prior to purchase, considering mobile search in your marketing strategy is quickly becoming a necessity. Diligent brands will recognize the opportunity to reach a large and attentive audience by engaging within this space. While often spouted this time of […]

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Microsoft Study Reveals Domain Bias in Web Search

No Comments 22 December 2011

While the findings may be somewhat assumed, Microsoft researchers now have quantitative evidence behind “domain bias” in web search, or a preference for recognizable and trustworthy domains regardless of snippet description. The ramifications of this behavior affect SEO, PPC advertising and digital strategy in general. The researchers describe domain bias as “a user’s propensity to […]

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Taking Advantage of Google’s New Freshness Update

1 Comment 16 November 2011

The new ranking algorithm update favors recent content (when relevant) to the extent that “up to 35% of queries may be affected”, according to Google. They claim this is to keep pace with a rapidly moving world of information and, moreover, is what searchers want to see. As often is the case when Google is […]

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Google Updates Show Importance of Landing Page User Experience

No Comments 14 September 2011

Recent minor updates to how Google interfaces with searchers indicate an increasing importance placed on user experience and avoiding the dreaded visitor bounce when arriving through organic search.

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PPC Performance: Looking Past Click-Through Rate

No Comments 12 August 2011

Measuring the success of your PPC campaign is less about CTR and more about how interconnected metrics influence each other.

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