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Estimate Your Missing iOS 6 Mobile Organic Traffic

No Comments 11 September 2013

In October 2012, Google Analytics began hiding Organic Traffic referrals from the mobile Safari browser and recording as Direct Traffic. The iOS 6 update made by Apple to help searcher privacy was not anticipated by Google, causing search traffic to be filtered through as direct. Since the newest version of iOS (iOS 6) utilizes Safari […]

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Your Guide to the New Google Analytics User-Access Controls

3 Comments 16 April 2013

In the upcoming weeks, Google will be making changes to the user-access levels for all Google Analytics accounts. There are two main updates that will be taking place over the next few weeks for all accounts. First there will now be three different levels of user-access. Edit: This most resembles the old Administrator access-level; able […]

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Google Analytics Update: Change History

No Comments 27 February 2013

As a web analyst, two of the most frustrating things when logging into Google Analytics is finding out that traffic flat-line or that a goal has changed. Both of these issues can be very easily changed by any user with administrative access to you Google Analytics account, but it is impossible to know who the […]

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Google Enhanced Campaigns: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

No Comments 26 February 2013

Google recently launched “Enhanced Campaigns” an overhaul of the Adwords campaign set up. The changes attempt to simplify Adwords and, according to Google, “help [advertisers] more simply and smartly manage [their] ad campaigns in today’s multi-device world.” These changes mark one of the biggest changes to Google Adwords in years. And, as usual, with change […]

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KPIs VS. Metrics

Comments Off 30 January 2013

How do ‘metrics’ and ‘KPIs’ differ and how are they related? These two terms often cause confusion. In some cases they are used interchangeably and in other cases they have different definitions according to different people and scenarios. At Proximity, we have a specific definition for each of these terms. In this blog post we hope […]

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Social Media

Facebook Graph Search

Comments Off 16 January 2013

Facebook introduced its Graph Search feature yesterday, which allows users to search based on relationships, past Facebook activity (photos, likes, check-ins, etc.) and other data that Facebook knows about its users (home town, job, schools, etc.). Users can search across four main categories, using a set of intuitive verbs (“lives,” “like,” “work,” etc.), nouns (“San […]

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Social Media

How to Analyze & Optimize Your Facebook Posts Using Pivot Tables

No Comments 23 December 2012

Since Facebook Pages were launched in 2007, brands have made significant headway in figuring out how to use social media and integrating it within their overall strategies and tactics. Most brands now have specific purposes for their social media programs (e.g. drive sales, foster loyalty, activate advocates, etc). More importantly, there is increased interest in […]

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Mobile Search

Does Google Care About Responsive Web Design?

No Comments 03 December 2012

It has already been announced by the online community that 2013 will be the year of responsive web design, and in large part this is mostly true. The adoption of responsive as the new de-factor baseline from which to build sites is proof enough. Fur buy cheap clomid thermore, the idea of “adaptive web design” […]

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Google Search Algorithm Updates : August / September

No Comments 12 November 2012

Google released 2 months worth of updates in October, identifying 65 search algorithm changes made throughout August and September.There were a number of updates in August, though September was a noticeably slow month for updates. Site quality continues to be a top priority, with updates to freshness, page quality and the Panda algorithm. Additionally, there […]

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General Search News

Google Rankings Linked to Tweet Volume

No Comments 28 September 2012

A recent study shows that URLs can benefit from improved Google SERP positions when they are shared via a sufficient volume of tweets. In April 2012, Branded3, a digital marketing agency based in the UK conducted an in-depth study (claimed to be the largest of its kind) to test whether the amount of tweets that […]

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