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Your Guide to the New Google Analytics User-Access Controls

3 Comments 16 April 2013

In the upcoming weeks, Google will be making changes to the user-access levels for all Google Analytics accounts. There are two main updates that will be taking place over the next few weeks for all accounts. First there will now be three different levels of user-access. Edit: This most resembles the old Administrator access-level; able […]

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Google Analytics Update: Change History

No Comments 27 February 2013

As a web analyst, two of the most frustrating things when logging into Google Analytics is finding out that traffic flat-line or that a goal has changed. Both of these issues can be very easily changed by any user with administrative access to you Google Analytics account, but it is impossible to know who the […]

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Google’s Secure (SSL) Search – 10 Days Later

No Comments 29 October 2011

On December 18th, Google announced that all searches performed by users who are signed into their Google accounts would be ‘more secure’. Essentially, for tho buy viagra 100mg se users who are signed into their Google account, no data will be passed to Google Analytics regarding who they are or what they did on a […]

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Google Updates Show Importance of Landing Page User Experience

No Comments 14 September 2011

Recent minor updates to how Google interfaces with searchers indicate an increasing importance placed on user experience and avoiding the dreaded visitor bounce when arriving through organic search.

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What Google Plus Means for the Future of Social Media

1 Comment 06 July 2011

Rising from the ashes of the failed Google Buzz and Wave initiatives, Google’s social media savior was finally revealed this week, triggering equal amounts of anticipation, interest and skepticism. So is Google Plus the ‘Facebook Killer’ that years of speculation and secrecy might suggest?

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How the New Google +1 Button Will Change Your Life … And How It Won’t.

1 Comment 31 March 2011

Sending digital shockwaves through the tubes of the internet, Google recently announced its big venture into social with the +1 button. Is this the death toll for the ubiquitous Facebook ‘Like’ button?

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Google Instant Before & After

No Comments 06 October 2010

It has been a few weeks since Google Instant was launched and we wanted to measure the impact it has had on a sample of the sites that we monitor.

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Blue Arrow in Google Instant Search

3 Comments 01 October 2010

The new blue arrow in Google SERPs represents the ability to browse search results using only keyboard commands.

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Blue Arrow Appearing in Google SERP

5 Comments 01 October 2010

We noticed a blue arrow graphic appearing on the 1st Google SERP result, either organic or paid, and occasionally on the 2nd result. Is this driven by page rank, most clicked link or just an HTML5 test?

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Google Instant Heavily Weighted on Location

No Comments 09 September 2010

As predicted yesterday, most of the results we are seeing today are weighted heavily on the searcher's location.

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