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Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our work in organic search optimization typically begins with an audit of your current website and its inbound, outbound and internal links. These are some of the more important inputs to our organic search strategy and planning development process used to craft a customized roadmap for success in natural search. Since SEO is truly a process not a project, we offer ongoing optimization as well as content and link building services to help you maximize the benefits of your SEO program.

Pay Per Click Search Marketing (PPC)
We begin our work on your paid search program by understanding any past or current campaigns that you may be running. Our comprehensive paid search strategy & planning engagement charts a meaningful path forward in paid search. In addition to building the appropriate landing pages and otherwise setting up your paid search campaign, we offer ongoing management of the campaign with monthly customized reporting to keep your program optimized.

Local Search
As search engines become more accurate in predicting and presenting unique search results based on the type of query used, local search has become extremely important to your search marketing efforts. We will help to geo-target your site’s content and paid search efforts to dramatically improve performance on local-based search queries. In addition to on-site efforts, Proximity Search will also perform an exhaustive analysis of online local business directories.

Analytics & Measurement
Tracking and analyzing the results of your paid and organic search efforts is a critical and necessary step along the path to truly optimized campaigns. Working with our clients, we help to establish priorities and appropriate key performance indicators used to evaluate the success of each campaign.

Mobile Search
Let us enhance your mobile search visibility though content development, paid placement, and directory submission. We also provide the analytics necessary to optimize content based on device, screen size, video support and more.

Video Optimization
In addition to analyzing and optimizing file formats, metadata, on-site content and usability, we also create environments that encourage inbound links and video sharing.

Alternative Discovery
Identification and optimization of non-HTML content elements such as PDF’s Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, RSS feeds, blog posts, and news articles that have the potential to appear in results of relevant search queries.

Image Optimization
By properly formatting and integrating images into your website, we can help improve not only your visibility in image-based search results, but also indirectly augment your organic text-based search presence.

About Search Work

Proximity Search is a client service capability within the BBDO/Proximity Worldwide Network. We serve as the Global Center of Excellence for Search out of the Barefoot Proximity office in Cincinnati, Ohio and collaborate with our colleagues in over 62 offices around the world to meet the organic, paid, social, local and mobile search needs of our clients. We also offer comprehensive measurement and analytics capabilities to identify the effectiveness and ROI of all digital marketing programs.


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