Organic Search Optimization (SEO)

Organic Search & Inbound Link Audit

Has your site always struggled to successfully appear in desired search results? We will analyze and identify specific areas of your existing website that could be impeding its ability to compete in organic search results. By focusing on your current content, inbound and outbound links, site architecture, and usability, we will formulate a comprehensive and prioritized plan with the steps necessary to begin appearing in desired search results. This plan can then be used internally to guide marketing efforts, or as a way to better define how Proximity Search can begin working to improve your search engine performance.

Organic Search Strategy & Planning

Our organic search strategy and planning engagements are designed to help you focus your efforts on the most important levers of paid search success. Typically this engagement is completed in concert with a comprehensive search and inbound link audit. As a part of the organic search strategy, we offer specific recommendations on content development, inbound link targets, outbound links, internal links, site architecture, image optimization, and site submissions. Deliverables of this engagement typically include a client overview presentation and detailed report. Simply put, we deliver a detailed roadmap for your ongoing search engine optimization efforts.

Organic Search Ongoing Optimization

Search engine optimization is not a one-time project, it is the ongoing and continuous efforts to design, develop, revise and promote online content in ways which increase its ability to appear in search results.

Because search engines change their methods, users alter their behavior, and competitors are constantly adapting, ongoing optimization is necessary to ensure a strong search engine presence. Over time, search engines can perceive stagnant websites as a sign of lack of relevance. In order to combat this, our team will continuously analyze search results and on-site performance to identify and improve upon your sites ability to appear in targeted search results. Optimizing content, building inbound links, and even managing your social media presence are all ways in which Proximity Search can help maintain long-term success in organic search results.

Regular customized reports will show monthly or quarterly organic search performance on the keywords that matter to you. These reports will also detail efforts being to taken to maintain and build upon your search success.

Content/Link Development

Designing and developing content for your site that is search engine friendly is pivotal to the success of your search marketing efforts. Our team of copywriters, designers and developers work together to create compelling content that is relevant and search engine friendly.

The code that runs your website is just as important as the text, images, and links that appear on your pages. Well-written code is more easily indexed by search engines, and our developers have extensive experience choosing platforms, languages and employing programming techniques that search engines can understand.

Unique and relevant content will help to make your site an authority on the products and services you offer. Our copywriters use carefully identified keyword strategies and years of experience writing for search engines to create compelling content that users will absorb, link to, and promote.

Custom Landing Pages
Occasionally, it may be necessary to create a unique landing page specifically tailored to a specific search query. By creating a separate page completely devoted to one topic, we can create authority pages more likely to appear in search results and can more accurately funnel users to a desired action or conversion.

Blog Publishing
Maintaining an active blog presence is often a good way to start building content and links on your site. In addition to helping you to identify, install, and setup the optimal blog platform for your needs, we can create, maintain, and promote the content within your blog on a regular and on-going basis.

About Search Work

Proximity Search is a client service capability within the BBDO/Proximity Worldwide Network. We serve as the Global Center of Excellence for Search out of the Barefoot Proximity office in Cincinnati, Ohio and collaborate with our colleagues in over 62 offices around the world to meet the organic, paid, social, local and mobile search needs of our clients. We also offer comprehensive measurement and analytics capabilities to identify the effectiveness and ROI of all digital marketing programs.


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